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Welding analysis of materials

Date:2015-08-31 / Popularity:

Welding is the adaptability of the material to the welding process, which means that it can obtain the high quality welded joints in a certain welding method, welding material, process parameters and structure. The specific content of the welding can be divided into the process of welding and the use of welding.
Technology of welding refers to certain welding process conditions, the ability to obtain high quality and compact, defect free welded joints. For the fusion welding, the welding process is generally experienced in heat transfer and metallurgical reaction. Therefore, the process of welding is divided into "hot welding" and "metallurgical welding". Thermal welding refers to the influence of the heat affected zone on the microstructure and properties of the welding heat affected zone during welding thermal process. It is the evaluation of the metal to be welded on the thermal sensitivity, the main welding material and welding process and quality related conditions. Metallurgical welding is the influence of the metallurgical reaction on the performance and the defects of the welding seam.
The use of welding is the welding joints or the overall structure to meet the requirements of the technical conditions for the use of a variety of performance. Including conventional mechanical properties, low temperature toughness, resistance to brittle fracture, high temperature creep, fatigue performance, endurance strength, as well as anti - corrosion, wear resistance, etc..
Mathematical model of welding analysis
The mathematical model is a model of a real world, which is described in a mathematical language. The mathematical model can describe the intrinsic relation and the change rule of the thing. To establish a mathematical model of the system is a qualitative leap in the understanding of the thing. The mathematical model can be divided into two categories, static and dynamic. Static mathematical model is a factor that is not time dependent when a substance is in equilibrium state. Dynamic mathematical model to describe the change of time due to physical activity.
In the welding of material, the former is usually confined to qualitative analysis, but now with the development of computer technology, welding workers have carried out a lot of research work. The mathematical model is established, which makes the analysis of the new material more accurate.