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Xi Jinping: revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China

Date:2015-08-31 / Popularity:

General secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping 17 afternoon in Changchun held part of the provincial Party committee is mainly responsible for the comrades of the forum, listen to the Northeast China and other old industrial bases, and the revitalization of the opinions and suggestions of the "45" period of economic and social development. He stressed that, whether from the northeast, or from the development of the country, to achieve the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base has important significance. The revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China has come to a rolling stone uphill, climbing over the ridge of the key stage, the state should increase support, northeast area to enhance endogenous development vitality and power, precise force, do solid work, accelerate the old industrial base revitalization and development.
Xi Jinping specialized in the Jilin research during the symposium. At the forum, the Liaoning provincial Party Secretary Li Xi, Jilin provincial Party Secretary Ba Antsoru, Heilongjiang provincial Party Secretary Wang Xiankui, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region party secretary Wang Jun has a speech. They combine their own reality, not only to revitalize the northeast and other old industrial bases and economic and social development opportunities and challenges, but also to solve the problem of ideas and initiatives, on the current economic and social development in Northeast China, to promote institutional innovation, economic restructuring, development of modern agriculture, to protect and improve the livelihood of the people, improve the level of opening up, participate in international cooperation, etc.. Xi Jinping listen to the side, from time to time to discuss with them. After listening to the speech, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech.
Xi Jinping stressed that at present, China's economic situation and the overall situation is good. Economic development for a long time to improve the fundamentals, the economy is good, the potential of the foot, the basic characteristics of the large room for maneuver has not changed, the good support for economic growth and the conditions have not changed, the economic structure adjustment and optimization of the forward momentum has not changed. The new growth point is to speed up the breeding and constantly breakthrough, new growth momentum is accelerating the formation and accumulation of power. The outlook for economic development is still broad, which must be confident.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the CPC Central Committee on the development of Northeast China has always attached great importance to. Northeast China's population, resources, industry, talent, infrastructure, location and other supporting capacity is very strong, the development of space and great potential. The implementation of Northeast China and other old industrial bases in the revitalization of the strategy over 10 years, the central government has taken a series of support, help and promote the development of the northeast special measures, all the relevant parties to do a lot of work to promote the economic and social development of the northeast old industrial base to a new level. Practice has proved that the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and other old industrial bases in Northeast China and other old industrial base revitalization strategy is correct, the prospects for the revitalization of northeast old industrial base is broad.
Xi Jinping stressed, the development of things is always accompanied by all kinds of contradictions. At present, there are some new difficulties and challenges in the development of Northeast China, which has the characteristics of "three stages" and other common reasons, and also has the characteristics of industrial structure, institutional mechanisms and so on. Contradictory risk itself is not terrible, the key is to resolve contradictions and eliminate risk determination and way, not in the face of difficulties and challenges helpless and inaction. Extremely difficult, as long as attention is not difficult; the road lane, only action is the way. To study in pay attention to quality and efficiency under the premise to maintain stable economic growth initiatives and approaches, multi from internal eyes, hands, focus, identify the crux of the targeted, suit the remedy to the case.
Xi Jinping to promote the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base proposed efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms, efforts to promote structural adjustment, efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, to protect and improve the livelihood of the people's livelihood requirements.
Xi Jinping stressed that resolutely get rid of institutional barriers, the formation of a complete docking with the market, full of vitality of the institutional mechanisms to promote the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base. To adhere to the direction of socialist market economic reform, actively find and cultivate the market, further decentralization, optimize the business environment, from deregulating markets find their way, seek a step, find a way out. State-owned enterprises in the northeast region is more important than the foundation. To deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, improve the corporate governance model and operating mechanism, and truly establish the dominant position of the enterprise market, enhance the vitality of the enterprise, the market competitiveness, the development of the leading force.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the northeast industrial structure is relatively simple, traditional products accounted for the bulk, the original name of the first name products are mostly, this situation changed the more quickly the more active. Structure optimization to multi strategies, "add, subtract, multiply and divide together". To the equipment manufacturing industry bigger and stronger, to accelerate the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, and vigorously develop the service industry, to upgrade the traditional industries, expanding infrastructure, and actively develop private economy. To further implement the innovation driven development strategy, to promote the development of the focus more on innovation, play a multiplier effect on the development of innovation. In order to reduce the government's unreasonable intervention in the market and the unreasonable regulation of the market main body. To accelerate the development of modern agriculture, and actively build a modern agricultural industrial system, production system, operating system, so that modern agriculture has become an important industry support.
Xi Jinping stressed that the innovation is to grasp the development, seeking innovation is to seek the future. Do not innovate, it is to be backward, innovation is slow, but also backward. To mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society of innovation, continue to force, to accelerate the formation of innovation as the main lead and support the economic system and development model. To actively create a conducive to innovation policy environment and institutional environment, spotted and if it is really necessary to support, the government can take some reasonable, the differences of the incentive policy. To improve financial services, and to clear the financial into the real economy, especially small and medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises pipeline.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the livelihood of the people is also a grasp of development. To ensure the effective supply of basic public services, and actively guide the masses on home services, pension services, health services, sports services, leisure services and other aspects of social needs, support the relevant services industry to accelerate development, foster the formation of new economic growth point, so that the public health and economic development and effective docking, complement each other. We should focus on ensuring the livelihood of the people's livelihood construction funds, to solve the people's concern of education, employment, income, social security, health care, food safety and other issues, to ensure the normal operation of the people's livelihood chain. The livelihood of the people working directly with people meet, reconciliation, not fake, it is necessary to actively, but also within our capabilities, promise to deliver.
Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu and central departments responsible comrades attended the forum.