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Development of China's first unmanned ship supervision area

Date:2015-08-31 / Popularity:

Recently, by the waters of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province using dynamic management center and the State Oceanic Administration to protect the first Marine Research Institute jointly bear waters regulatory unmanned ship project smooth acceptance by experts and complete navigation test, marking the successful development of the country's first aircraft waters supervision unmanned ship. After the ship is put into use, it will provide new means and ways to deal with the emergency and high precision monitoring of sea area, and fill the gaps in the field observation of dynamic management of domestic sea area.
The development of waters supervision unmanned ship for stainless steel hull and two polymer polymerization materials to make the balloon like two "Bigfoot" firmly will ship lift in the sea. Although the ship is not small, the function is quite complete, the global positioning system (GPS), electronic compass, sounding instrument, wireless control system and other equipment to do the body".
In recent years, with the increasing of the coastal development and the increasing use of the sea, marine environmental pollution and ecological damage is becoming more and more serious. At the same time, due to the lack of a sound regulatory system, the phenomenon of illegal use of the sea area. How to break through the limitation of the monitoring method is effective supervision, it becomes one of the important topics of the marine department.
Back in 2013, Lianyungang City, the area will be the area of unmanned marine monitoring program for social development projects. The project according to the specific waters and island areas, through the analysis of the camera parameters and loading methods for measuring velocity determined underwater camera system loading plan, it is carried on the existing unmanned ship. At the same time, through the transformation of the propulsion system and video transmission system, and then complete the upgrading of unmanned ship.
In the two years of the experiment, Lianyungang has acquired the terrain data and image data from the sea area, and combined with remote sensing dynamic monitoring data. It has fully meet the needs of the dynamic Sea Island Management and plays an important role in the marine management. Due to the use of virtual reality and mutual operation means of the sea area monitoring, digital, dynamic simulation monitoring, Lianyungang annual savings of 500000 yuan per year to save the waters of ~70 million.
It is reported that after the completion of the acceptance, the relevant departments will further promote the use of unmanned vessel monitoring technology in the area of the use of the area, the application of the sea to fill the water gradient, improve the monitoring accuracy and actively promote.