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Stainless steel will create a new field of building applications

Date:2015-08-31 / Popularity:

The benefits of high rise building are well known, while the application of stainless steel in the construction field is not rare. However, how to expand the scope of application of stainless steel as building materials, especially in high-rise buildings, or a difficult problem. Because it not only involves the knowledge of scientific theory, but also to deal with the operational aspects of the challenges.
In the world of stainless steel leader Otto Quinn F recently held in Berlin on the day, the construction industry related reporters to the construction of the field of application of the Teipel Joern dr.. He is from a physicist and material experts point of view, with you to explore the importance of stainless steel materials for the construction industry, as well as the future development trend in this field.
Teipel Joern said: "I have always been interested in the construction industry, as a building fan, the architectural style and its evolution of historical interest. Each to a new city, I will go to explore and enjoy all kinds of buildings, and this is my trip a pleasure. " During his doctoral degree, his research direction is physics, which mainly focuses on the nonlinear object, which involves the surface treatment of optical detection, optical appearance, optical reflectivity, etc., and the knowledge of these subjects is very important for the construction. Dr. Teipel Joern said: "these are not new to me. Based on professional education background, I can easily grasp the application of materials in the construction, in many choices to find the perfect combination. This learning experience has a great influence on my career choice and development."
At the same time, Dr Teipel Joern said: "the most important task for the material suppliers is to determine what the architects really need and how we should meet their needs. Otto Quinn F's stainless steel material has beautiful and lasting characteristics, can effectively help architects to realize their ideas. Our duty is to make the architect's dream a reality."
The development of the construction industry depends not only on the development of civil engineering, but also on the development of materials science, mechanical engineering, energy engineering, electronics, communication, automation, computer science and so on. If the architect is a dreamer, then the material science and other engineers is their "dream of people". Teipel Joern, PhD, said in an interview, "if the architect has some specific ideas on the exterior wall design, we can help you." At the same time, the Otto Quinn F technical team is still trying to increase the selection of materials and polishing, in order to meet the specific needs of architects in specific mode. Dr Teipel Joern added: "it's been a huge sum of more than 70 different combinations of different surfaces and polished products."
Wide application prospect of stainless steel materials in construction industry
Up to 319 meters in New York the Chrysler Building 56 meters high giant spire is to use Outokumpu stainless steel production and and in more than 80 years after the completion of the received only two maintenance, still in New York over the sparkling new. Today, the durability, functionality and aesthetics of the stainless steel has been recognized and favored by the global architectural designers, and is widely used as coating material.
And this trend in the past 20 years especially, building a number of the world trade center in New York, the Jinmao Tower in Shanghai and Shenzhen Ping'an building uses Outokumpu stainless steel material. As a landmark building, they have a deep impression of the metal appearance and light and shadow. Mr. Teipel Joern believes that the application of stainless steel materials in the construction industry has a bright future. "From the company point of view, we want to improve the use of stainless steel in the market, so that it is more popular. 100 years ago, people invented stainless steel, and now we are still in the team to move forward. Creation is endless, in the future construction field, I believe that the stainless steel material will release more application potential, and Otto Quinn F is the architect's most trusted partner."